Disecting dreams: Championing Change

image from Li Newton

We talk much to ourselves, little we hear aloud. You are your vision, see yourself soaring above the clouds, you are in your element, we are all products of our own minds. You become what you believe. Believe in who you are, fight for yourself, for dreams, for ambitions, because you are worthy of them. They deserve you and most of all you deserve them. Imagine your dream wrapped in a tidy present box, cocooned in silk wrapping, with a bow ontop, on an Island just waiting for you. Waiting for you to make that trip to endure that journey, to see that vision, see it, drink it in, and create momentum. Every big step begins with a little step, we are not daydreamers. Remind yourself that people have accomplished your dreams before. Smell your dream, taste your dream, feel the experience of it, it is yours if you claim it. We are our own paradise, it can happen only if your willing to take on the challenges, defeat the obstacles and cup your dream in your hand.


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