The Goliath in the Gossip: She's gossipping about her...but your next

image by Kanikey

Gossips love to tell stories about people because idiots love to listen. They churn it out giving you half truths, telling jokes they know are either cruel or contemptuous. We can all make the mistake of engaging a gossip, just because their doing it to someone else doesn't mean they won't do it to you. In fact their guaranteed to do it to you. Gossip has been embraced as normalcy since were all drowning in celeb gossip and the failures, and successes, do's and donts, what they did, could have done, might do, may possibly be offered. The key thing about gossips to remember is that they gossip because they havent ot that much else to offer about their own lives. There's no adventure, depth, history, something that makes you want to stay and spend time with them, so they distract and waste your time by having youfocus on the flaws of someone else. Their always eager to give you the new news, you know, what they've discovered next. Found out, about someone, the joy of other peoples compromising scenario's. Yet if you were to simply turn to a gossip and say, what's been happening in your life lately? Well, they wouldn't really have that much to tell you. In contrast to the person they've literally thrown under the bus, their lives seem so systematic and so deadpan. You look behind their eyes and wonder where all the magic went. Some people are great for information. They want to share with you the knowledge they have, if they know something about someone, they also know the contacts and the connections of which they can assist you with getting your something accomplished. Their the all knowing, all seeing, strategist. Yet if you find yourself in the company of a gossip whose special ability seems only to shred the lives of those around them, and it's not just base information. This means the information they got access to is personal information. This means they are not someone who is trustworthy.


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