Positive thinking techniques to push through pain

Its a jungle out there, and sometimes you find yourself being someone else's emotional prey. Wether your being bullied at school, the lowest common denominator in the work totem pole, there is something that each have in common. Anger that burns from within. The need to control other people because sometimes life seems completely out of our control. If your suffering silently, or ranting and raving to friends and colleagues, here's something to keep in mind. This is not the end, it feels awful at the time, and it will pass. I once worked in a scenario where one male colleague, who was very bitchy competitive, and just a little bit to prejudiced for my liking, took it upon himself to try and turn the whole work force against me. I was gutted because i had tried to be so nice, understanding the rule that when your an outsider, and you come into an already formed team, where bonds have been made and people have already made a connection. Especially if the organisation is more like a social club than a workforce.

Positive thinking helps us step outside the realms of a negative bracket. Try some Effective positive thinking techniques to help push through your pain barrier.

 Understand that your feelings should not dictate the rest of your day. Be the master of your ship. There are key things to get you in a positive state when you wake up in the morning. Exercise releases endorphins, that affect the body and stimulate the brain. Get yourself pumped

Positive thinking affirmations, along with positive tools are great for getting yourself into that mind body zone connection.
I am a worthwhile person
I am valuable
I am a magnet for joy
I will attract the right people to me
I am learning and growing, i am only human, i will make mistakes
The greatest men and women have made mistakes.

Remind yourself that we are often our harshest critics. What did you accomplish today? What made you feel proud? What put a smile on your face? If you didn't smile go and stand in front of your reflection, and practice smiling.

Put on something that makes you laugh. This is the power of positive thinking, it will move you from a negative frame of circumference ,to a more open and inviting energy. You will begin to attract more people with the right vibration to you like a magnet, they will be drawn to your personality and you will begin to like yourself more. Focus on the right things. When we find ourselves in a negative or depressive pit, it can often be because our mental pattern keeps us reverting to type.  If you need to focus on something positive. Focus on what you have achieved, or what you plan to achieve, because you are on a journey. Be fixed on your goals and the positive and sacred things in your life.


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