Celebrate the day

image by Tomijoy

In our quest for more, we often forget the importance of celebrating the day and just being gretful for what we have. I took my dog out for a walk today, it was amazing, the sun beamed down on my head, the breeze, the air felt lovely. I appreciated, just the beauty, and the simplicity of Earth and nature. Everybody felt so happy, everybody looked so good, and there was such freedom in the air. If you are desperate to be happy, and you think acquiring more stuff will get you there, i'm here to burst the bubble and flood the pipes. You will feel motivated, driven, hungry, ambituos, and as you fight to source yourself to the very top, you will begin to feel prouder. Your ego will expand. The reality is though, those things will not guarantee that you are happy. Happiness begins with now. It's those small steps we take, those actions to create that framework within our lives that keeps us satisfied, fulfilled, joyful from within. Forgive yourself your mistakes in the present and those who can forgive you, let them.Those who cant, well you have to distance yourself from them for now, whilst you resolve whatever question marks lie within. Celebrate the day. Wether it's someone saying thankyou, someone smiling, paying you a compliment, inspiration that comes out of nowhere, celebrate the day, because they may never be another day like it.


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