The world in rotation: What goes around comes around

What goes around does actually come around. I used to think it was merely a smug saying people used. I recently heard that a workplace where I'd been treated exceptionally badly was closing down. The irony was I didn't do a little jig or a break dance, I thought some of the people there have kids, and other commitments. Some of them may have a hard time finding new work, or making the connections they needed. It would have been easy to do a little jig, I've got some old school moves, but this, this is someone's life. Cooing at someone else's expense, doesn't mean the universe isn't listening in. That is what might happen to them, how about what will happen when it's your time. Life shakes us up, and it can be at best very unpredictable. Congratulating yourself at the expense of someone else will make you spiritually broke in the long term. It's kind of never worth it.


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