The view from under the bus: When someone throws you under

image by skie2

Have you ever experienced being thrown under the bus, maybe your flung by a work colleague, a supposed friend, even a potential partner. It tells you key things about them. One is that the next time it could be the railway tracks. Jokingly teased or 'exposed' by family members who love you is not being thrown under the bus. What you do when you are thrown under the bus, is dust yourself off, know you want absolutely nothing to do with this individual keep your head up and just keep walking. Let them admire your shadow. If you can't trust someone what are their uses.

The foundation of any relationship is trust. You cannot fully respect someone you do not trust. You cannot confidently share with someone you do not trust. If there is no trust a relationship cannot flourish. Someone who tosses you under the bus with such ease without wondering about how you feel or your emotions may not be the right person for you, but sometimes in learn.


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