Tearing down titanium: How to deal with people who try and tear you down

Image by thirteen13

In life there will always be people who try and tear you down. They may have experience the burns and scars of pain. They may have been hurt or broken in some way, don't let that person be you. It's a shadow that's easy to turn into. Hurt people hurt people. Damaged people, damage people. Yet somehow everyone has experienced the trauma of pain. It is easy to allow others to make you feel small. Don't give them that power, they really don't deserve it. Show them what your made of. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP . Strength isn't without, it comes from within. Your strength is in your blood, it pulses through your veins it's something you were born with. Don't deny yourself your gift, your talent, and dont let someone who is weaker than you try and tear you down. Most of the time, they are talking about you because they are jealous. It's a sad thing about life. That sometime you will find people who see a quality in you, rather than simply ask, or attempt to learn from you, they'll criticise , judge and condemn. Let them burn with the acid of their own envy, let them burn with their own jealousy. Let their essence eat them alive. Why do i say this? Because it's their time, and their life that their wasting. Whilst you continue to achieve accomplish and grow, they struggle with their own feelings of self loathing and self contempt. If they felt so great about themselves would they have to bring you down?.....I doubt it. They would be too busy focussed on being happy.


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