Self esteem stint? Dont let the bully win

image by jazznotes

Are you on your last leg of confidence because some bully is trying to terrorise the self esteem out of you ? Do you drag your head and drag your feet at the thought of meeting new people. After all the person terrorising you thinks there's something wrong with you, what if there is? What if your some weirdo? Or you really are dumb ? Here's an answer for you. Why did that person pick you? Of all the people in the world to make themselves appear superior, they chose you by distinction. You are the standing ovation for their jokes , the reason they'll become infamous, or the way they 'll get the attention they need. It could be that your brainy or intelligent, popular, shy and mysterious. Whatever it is, with all bullies you have to take a stand and prove you won't be made to feel inferior because of their inferiority complex. Stands aren't always about physical fights or huge arguments, they can also be about focussing your energy on developing your success, and letting new positive people into your life.


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