Mixed but moving forward: When someone knows your exactly what they want

image by monil58

" I like him, but the mixed signals....I don't like." we've all been there, where you find yourself confused about some potential or semi relationship. He says/she says they like you. They want to spend lots of time with you, they ask you out often, but when you request definitive answers from them you find yourself on Island grey area. Boom!! There goes your exploding delusions about this becoming a serious relationship, and they put enough cinnamon to reel you back in again. You are not somebody's entertainment, their play thing, their toy. When someone genuinely likes you they know exactly what they want. You're time, your attention, your respect. None of this includes walking in grey area, or as I like to call it walking on Jelly. Someone who likes you is never all about talk, and confusing equations. Their actions tell you what you need to know. If they find that you are confused, or they are some way giving you mixed signals? Just to make things clear they will express themselves be it during a conversation, a note, a phone call, a dinner date. There is no doubt in their mind that your the one they want.


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