Leading from loosers

image from saveto76.blogspot.com

I recently typed in how to deal with a jealous person, then I corrected myself. We do not need to waste precious time on people who themselves are emotionally rotting away. They are jealous because they are unhappy. They are mean because they are unhappy. They are cold because they are unhappy, and they are bitter because...they are unhappy. If you find yourself being the target of someone's specialist subject, the 'object' of ridicule, a hot topic for gossip, ask yourself a simple question. Why am I so significant to this person's life. Why do they need to hide behind me to cover up the fact, that they can't take responsibility for their own life. Mistakes, poor choices. Leave them to continue rabbiting on about you whilst you focus on building up your own life. Focus on trying to be happy.

One thing I will guarantee you, is that it will be hard. But if you focus on building up what you do over what they say. Your light will continue to burn bright. You may find that people who seemed nice enough but are weak enough characters will quickly turn, they'll notice you've gone quiet, and because their weak people continue to be drawn to the stronger party. Focus on you, on your progress, on your growth and let negative people entertain themselves.


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