Keeping your confidence: Staying away from energy stealers

image by dreamscatchme

Everybody knows a bitch. The friend or family member, maybe even work colleague whose mouth seems frozen in the flaws of others. Most of the time we listen in paralysis as the bile flows freely from their lips, secretly knowing their agenda, be it jealousy, or envy, or even greed, yet we smile and engage them. We continue to keep company with them, ignoring their words about others, praying the boomerang won't come back on us. Remember the law of the universe, you are the company you keep. That individual chooses to be this way because they are unhappy. Human beings are not just organs and blood, we are made up of energy, if your around someone that draining, take them in small doses or not at all. After all where do you think they get the energy from.....their stealing some of yours.


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