How to not like a looser

Image by KamaLama

How can you tell if a guy likes you? Let me tell you a story. Once a girl liked a guy, all the body language signs told her he was interested in her too, the staring, watching, bumping into, quizzing about. Upon rushing and diving in head first, not only did she realise painfully so the guy wasn't interested, she also had to put up with the 'I know you like me, I don't find you vaguely attractive avoidance dance.' That included a side platter of surplus ridicule, and consistent humiliation.

Here is something we need to embrace. If someone likes you you'll notice key things. They want to spend time with you, get to know you, make sure you know they were interested so there's no possibility of another guy getting his hands on you. They will make a conscious effort to make it clear to a world of onlookers, I desire this, I want this. Of course there is some lee way with the shy guy, or shy personality. They may do strange things like follow you like a shadow one second, then nervously cross the street when they see you the next. Or when asked if they like you, anxiously blurting out they don't, yet you see them watching or staring at you from the corner of their eye, and consistently happening to bump into you to the point where it becomes as obvious as your surname . Keep key things in mind, only time will tell, and fools rush in. Allow them the opportunity to express what their feeling if you sense it's hard for them to get it out. Just remember there's someone finding it difficult, then there's playing hard to get, then there is playing not to get. There are people who may not especially like you, but the emotional vampire in them craves the attention your giving them. Some of us are risk takers and go getters who don't fear rejection. If you are, and determined to make a bold step, make sure your stepping towards the right person. Otherwise you could find yourself being carted off in one of life's wheelchairs. Pick someone with positive character traits. Someone you will respect, and who will respect you.


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