How to love yourself

image by Lovely expressions

I am beautiful, and I am allowed to be flawed. I am constantly improving, evolving, moving closer towards my better self. You are not perfect. If the world was full of uniform perfect people, it would be a dull world we live in. Celebrate your little quirks, wether its a crooked smile, some gap teeth, a lazy eye. Whatever you have going on, pick the positives, focus on them and continue to build upon them.

If your self conscious of your image, there must be at least one thing you like about yourself. Is there something people are always complimenting you on? Is there something other people celebrate about you? Celebrate those things for yourself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, make sure every time you get up and you look at your reflection you say something positive about yourself. 'I am beautiful, I am intelligent, I am ambitious, I am wise.'

Take pride in your appearance and whichever project you start to work on, give it your all, give it your best shot. Wether it's baking cakes, doing photography, fashion, design, go for it.

Invest your time in supportive people who will direct and guide. Be a positive influence not a jealous influence. Invest in things that will make you happy.


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