Healing and history

image by Ruoto

Healing. Something that cannot be done in a day, in a week, in a month. Whatever trauma you have been through in your life, as you experience the healing process. As you ask yourself the question that go round and round in your brain like a tumble dryer, what did you learn? What are you learning ? The pain and the anger that comes with trauma, can be so intense, we find ourselves trapped in the dark. If your looking in the dark you need a flashlight or a candle. What brought you hope before, what restored your faith in people and the human race. Wether it's scribbling in your journal, getting counselling, seeking help and asking for assistance, re connecting with the church or contacting your best friend and joining a group. Just remember in all those things there is another that needs to be added to the equation. Time. Healing takes time. If your someone that specialises in beating yourself up, because you just haven't 'gotten over it yet'. Show yourself some mercy. You've probably been through enough.


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