Grief and Growth: Moving on from lost friendships

Image by Killmepleasegod

Loosing a best friend can be even more heartbreaking than loosing a boyfriend. Especially when you have to cut them out of your life because they have become too toxic. It is the pain of loss, and sometimes the grieving process can take years. Our emotions can creep up on us like samurai ninja's, slashing at emotional stability, because it's something that hurts.

Key things to remember don't get mad at yourself for not getting over it quickly enough. It hurts. It sucks, it's raw pain.
Go out often, network, socialise, meet new people. Go to events, parties. If you feel like being mellow write out your feelings, chill out, read a book, get in touch with old friends to reconnect. Be sure, the pain will still sneak up on you from time to time, memories, glimpses of the laughter you shared. Just remember though, you are moving on, and they wont always just disappear. Grief is still grief. Any pain can be used as a weapon of motivation. Channel it and be strong.


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