Getting over Gossip

image by KarinCharlotte

We've all experienced situations where the idol gossip of someone  is as a tool used to make others feel small. Let the talkers, talk till their throats rot. Let their gossip shape their life, whilst you focus on yours. Whilst they waste their time begging for the attentions of the few, use your creativity, ambition goals and ideas to capture the masses. Be a visionary and make the changes you want to happen...happen. What do you think all the great people in society had to contend with? They had to contend with critics. People who couldn't do much, but could always spend their time talking about what everybody else was doing wrong. It's their way of hiding their vulnerabilities and being in control. The more you don't care. The more it frustrates them. Inherrently, they are weak people terrified of being exposed for their vulnerabilities. They forget, we all have vulnerabilities. We all get scared, lonely, insecure, bothered, sometimes we have patience for them. Yet sadly when their cruel and they spread defamatory gossip i personally have no patience for them. I do understand though what their fears are, and where some of their fears come from.  I as you can tell have experienced much criticism, just like many of us out there have. Constructive criticism is useful,but when someone is putting you down just so people can like them i find that very weak and very pathetic.  If you find you have come across someone like that, how sad and unhappy must they be.


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