Easing past Obstacles


Obstacles are never permanent things, they are temporary. Put neatly into place, or scattered in arrangement. Yet whatever the scenario they will challenge you and you will be better for it. I like many of uyou havre had many obstacles put in my face. Things that i was told were impossible to achieve. How we deal with an obstacle. Is we take it one step at a time. A bite at a time. A chunk at a time. We nibble, nibble, and nibble at it, and we look for questions , the right questions, produce the right answers. Questions mean research, Research encourages method, structure, planning, evaluation, modelling. These are all avenues people use to move forward when stuck in the midst of an obstacle. No obstacle is forever. Our biggest obstacles are ourselves. Dont be your own biggest obstacle. Look for opportunities. With every opportunity, there is a chance for you to progress and be someone special, spectacular, wonderful, blessed, fruitful, inspiring.


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