Denied but not disappointed: Picking the right people

image by Scottjamesprebble

Let the wrong one's deny you. In life when you take a bold step often you will find that those people who were once upon a time friendly, may distance themselves from you. As though you were packing heat.Remember in time though when your boldness pays off, or the people you once cared for try and sneak into your bosom, the door is closed until they earn your trust and respect. The possibility is dead in the water. You can be polite, be sociable, but make sure they see you know that their a shape shifter. You are aware of how quickly they turn and it's not something you desire or require. Their approval is not something you need.

I have never been a saint. What i will say though is what we do to others affects something deep within ourselves.A while ago i reached out to the wrong type of person. Someone with a nasty jealous spirit, and in return because they had no self esteem, they tried to crush mine. When you choose people to associate with, it is important to pick wisely. Some people will never earn your respect, but just make sure you respect yourself.


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