Dating a mummy's boy

image by Miyavik

There can be great things about dating a mummy's boy, their sensitivity towards women, their understanding, but one of the main problems or key frustrations most women find. Is that a mummy's boy will always be tightly knotted to his mothers apron strings. It is impossible to disagree with his mother in anyway shape or form because you will instantly become arch enemy one. She may feel his mother is the main woman in his life, and all the decisions they make as a couple will consistently be contested by an insecure woman who doesn't want to share love, affections, or have a main role in her sons life. There is of course the competition. Not all mothers are like this. You do though come across some warped, ridiculously insecure jealous mothers, who upon thinking everything was fine when her son was simply dating you, when she senses a serious emotional connection turns 360 and becomes obsessed with trying the split the two of you up. Because simply put even if her son was the dumbest, low life in the universe, he still has enough potential to do better than you.

Here's my first tip of the day. If you can run sprint like an Olympian, if your in a wheel chair, wheel speedily away. Just joking. Every relationship needs its boundaries.

Sadly I do agree that even the scent of an over indulged mummy's boy, if it sends you running for the hills....I don't blame you. There will never be two people in your relationship, there will be 3, and you will often feel like the third wheel. Everytime there is a private debate, or fuelled discussion you will find yourself wondering which memo he's sent to his mother, wether he's sent it by pigeon or post.
That strong foundation of trust is made unsteady. Some women wonder how they ended up in a relationship with binoculars.

If you are dating a mummy's boy and it's working congratulations! You should definitely teach a seminar.


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