Cancelling negative comparisons

Sometimes in life we spend so much time comparing ourselves to those around us, we forget to praise ourselves for even the greatest accomplishment we make. Because it's 'great what we've done' , yet sadly in comparison to A, B, C and D were just not enough. Not smart enough, not successful enough, not attractive enough. If you do not look where your going you will......crash. Your not supposed to be in their skin, living their life, because your lesson is a personal one. Your journey is a personal one. That's why you were born as you. If your best friend wins a million pounds and marries the richest man in the world, if that work colleague you hate suddenly gets promoted, if your sister/ brother becomes a pioneer of science, or a mathematical genius, these are their stories. What is yours? Do you plan to sail the Atlantic ocean, relocate, start your own business, write your own best selling novel? One person cannot drive two cars. Focus on your life, goals, ambitions, and most of all happiness. For some happiness is fleeting, like a tease, or a seductress that weaves a spell and in the morning disappears. Yet happiness for and will be long term. You fight to hold unto it, and follow with much excitement it's magic and the adventures it's taking you on.


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