Bed time bimbo? I hope not

image by purplerainistaken

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not? He hates me? When did that happen?! People don't always part amicably in our relationship breakup hysterics. Each party gets so caught up in being right, we stick to our stubborn glue. Then we are confused because we felt we had to be the right one and stress our point. It's often bizzarre when we find ourselves trapped in a serial montage of 'I hate you and I hope you drop off the face of the Earth.'

If you were in a real relationship, no one night stands, or I'll sleep with you someday's but can't be seen dating you, then their 'I hate you.' is a blessing in disguise for you right now. It means you can try and build up your self esteem so youre not the rainy day bed buddy, ever again. If you had friendship, and real commitment, then with space and some distance maybe when you do connect that relationship can evolve into a dynamic friendship.


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