Beauty in it's basic format -

When I was younger despite being seen as attractive, boyish, a free spirit. I was haunted by insecurities I had created myself. Insecurities about looks, and found all it took was for one person, specifically a guy, I didn't even have to like him....and I'd find myself curled up in front of the mirror sobbing my heart out. I didn't measure, I didn't fit.

As I got older though I learned something. I actually didnt need society's warped photoshop extravagances; neither did I need to be anybody else but me. We are beautiful because we're different. Beautiful because we're unique, have our own intricate features like a secret code we let the world in on. Everybody has their quirks and gods pinch of creativity. If we didn't the fashion and beauty industry wouldn't have made so much money, media wouldn't need photoshopping, and all those immaculate people we see turned out on tv wouldn't need their lighting , video editing software, photoshop and design software wouldn't be so successful. Beauty isn't just skin deep, it's soul deep.


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