Hot vibe:Funniest things on the internet

This is one of the funniest and most embarassing things to hit Nigeria. You said it. Vic-O and his amazing lyrics. I nearly peed myself laughing,seriously this guy toned my abs.


Oh yeah and Vic-O may originally have been 50 tyson

Next up as if x factor isn't comic enough, here they are..The duos.
They sound like someone dying,or under attack...whooooa don't let them sing at your birthday party. Isn't it really funny how people who can't sing for shit, look at the judges with such seriousness at the end of their performance like 'hey how d'you think i did'.....are you kidding me?
Here are The Duos

That was the link

Has anyone seen South African Idol. This 'lunatic' sang killing me softly, she really was killing eveeeeeeerybody. What would Lauren say if she saw this? AAAAAWFUL, AAAAAWFUL


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