Young love:What to do if you really like a girl (For guys)

Buy her diamonds. Just Kidding. The common answer is "ASK HER OUT!" Yet what if you really like her, and your really nervous, asking someone you like out isn't that easy for everyone.

Find out what her likes and dislikes are, be respectful and polite to her best friend, or close friendsip circle.

Take off some of the pressure. There's a lot of pressure that comes with thinking you have to ask someone out.You start to think i have to be super cool, it has to be awesome. Step back, and think of phase one.
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Phase one is: Your hot, i think your hot, i don't know who you are yet, but i'd like to get to know you. Find opportunities to spend time with her, ask her interesting questions when you do. Any reasonable question will suffice because in general people love talking about themselves. If you want to be remembered, ask a memorable question.

Feed her ego with compliments, but don't go over the top. Women, just like men love having their ego's massaged. It's nice for her to hear you think she's beautiful. Pretty, attractive. But often times guys who just want to get laid,make the mistake of going over board, till the woman begins to feel it's an artificial compliment. Tell her she looks like a celebrity.
"Oh you did your hair up, you look like Demi Moore in....."

Make strategic compliments i.e look down the list, shoes, hair, makeup, dress, jewellery, whatever looks great. Say it. Do it in a tone that says 'i cant believe i'm saying this' but ....and then commence with the compliment.

Put a like status on her facebook comments, but only briefly state why you like them. Do not under any circumstance abandon your masculinity and go so far you end up in the friend zone. Friend Zone is hell for any human being, it's like emotional suicide with a cherry on top.

Happen to circulate the places she hangs out in. Yet make sure you have other friends with you so it doesn't look like your stalking her. This like any business merger needs the right team and the right strategy.

Don't go with a friend whose lifes purpose is to make you look like a prize idiot.
Don't go with a friend that's selfish and knows you really like her...but couldn't give a toss so long as their centre stage.
Don't go with an over competitive friend who would compete with you to breathe.If these are all the archetype personalities in your friendship group,please sign up for intensive counselling.Just kidding.
Its always cool when you have a mix of guy friends and female friends, you automatically look more sociable.. Make sure you look 'hot' whenever you see her, men always look sexy in all black for me. It's different for different women, make sure your clothes are clean and you smell nice. Most importantly she witnesses you having a lot of fun.Don't make yourself look arrogant, but showcase who you are.

Drop hints that you like being around her, she's fun to be with, or a great listener. Compliment any pictures she shows you of herself, then simply stand up and start clapping. "What are you doing?" She says
"I'm giving you a standing're kinda hot."

Then let her invite you to hang out with her and her friends some more,but use the opportunity to spend as much time alone with her as possible. You can tease her and be playful girls like this so long as the guy is not acting like a bully. Remain social though, and talking to other young women, take a little break to let her miss you a bit, buy her nice and unique things for her birthday as well, and if she's actively involved in something participate and show your support, then when you see her and you're alone together, look at your hands before you look up at her and say. "Have you guessed that i like you yet," smile sweetly and it's always cute when a guy bites his lip, because it draws attention to the shape of his mouth, or if he licks his lips, it shows how plump they are.
If she asks you what you mean,simply say "well what do you think i mean?"
Then naturally change the subject with ease, flirt briefly, and leave her to think about it. If she acts strange and she's suddenly avoiding you like a leper distance yourself also. If she's mean and tells other people to ridicule you, simply say, "i thought it's nice to say nice things about people, especially when it comes to building confidence. Hey it's nice to be nice." But my amigo, if she calls you and asks you about it, that means she's also curious, especially if it's on facebook or over the phone at night. "So you know when you said you liked me, what did you mean?"
"It means i wouldn't shoot you alone in the dark." Then laugh.
And if she says "Seriously,"
Then you can say simply, "Well what do you think?" and take it from there.

Yet if your a guy who has no patience, and some confidence? " I think your busy on saturday,"
"Yeah i've got-"
"Your having dinner with me, and it's definitely not Mcdonalds."
You can also bribe your way into certain women's hearts by drowning them in gifts.


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