The moon and back (Short Story)

"It's very simple," i projected in my most smug adult tone. "Admit you're in love, crazy, smitten, hopelessly, painfully, ruthlessly in love with me." I fashioned myself to my full height, fixing my toddler hands against my hips, pouting watermelon and posing opposite an organised reflection. My brown hair fell loose, in a tangle of waves down my back, and the kiss of blue i added to heavy eyelids made the gold of my eyes shine like medallions. Teenage Fever. Last Week i'd hated Jason Emille cross, this week i'd studied him walk up and down our crowded school corridor for fifteen minutes. Analysed his discussion with Mickey Bults in front of Mrs Kafan's lunchtime vegetable spaghetti. I can lip read so across a twenty second distance i saw their mouths, rotate and halt.It was an intensely political debate about Xmen versus Batman, the original animation. I grit my teeth as Jessica Jones trotted by 'slag' swinging her huge buttocks from left to right, fully aware that 99.9% of the male eyes swam towards her. Hungry shark eyes. I patted my bum self consciously, noticing with a tinge of irritation that my denim stretch Jeans had too much stretch, and my pink t shirt didn't display succulent breasts, but an arrested development in growth. "Jeeze i hate being fifteen."
My friend Mia lifted her orange curls from the tray of glamour magazines lined on the bed. "Fuck i hate being fifteen,"
"Who needs teenage years anyway," her sapphire eyes spun with amusement.
"Seriously, all you do is analyse life, or spend time disecting guys you never gave the time too before," i groaned dramatically.It was like the groan you make with runs on the toilet seat. "When did this happen to me. I never..ever..liked this guy before,"
"Shit your obsessed with him now,"
"You call it obsession. I call it intense distraction." Mia fixed her mouth to a thin wire line. " It's the whole face stretching, tyranosaurus rex, height thing," i nodded in detailed agreement.
"Age is such a cunt. Why did his face have to stretch, and his voice have to break so deeeeeep," i remember Syrine Wilcox describing a conversation with him being like swimming in a bath of hot chocolate. It depends how you look at it. Hot chocolate makes some think of sex, whilst others just relate it to falling asleep. The worst thing about being a teenager is having to admit you'r just as shallow as everyone else. Suddenly a flood of girls admitted to liking him, and i didn't have to feel weird, or pretend to be angry when his bedroom eyes dripped all over me. On one School trip to 'make believe mars' an adventure to the local safari park, TOTAL SHIT, i'd actually spent the whole bus ride ice block frozen in the same pose. A vogue pout, which included an exclamation mark scowl, in case he knew....i'd begun to enjoy his heated stares. So much so that despite my jelly belly, and owl like frames, i had moved three seats closer in spanish, watched a complete season of xmen, and accidentally on purpose put his name down for school prefect. He didn't win. Yet some idiot had told him i put his name down. "Gina yax would never put me down she loathes me," he announced in a thick tone, loud enough for me to hear,and possibly contest. The room was busy with silence, eyes oohed and mouths mutely uhmmed. "Gina," he teased "i'm your biggest fan." Which translated means F you, i don't give a shit about your opinions.

"It's very simple," Jason Cross had cornered me by the edge of the basketball court, his lean frame a sky scraper, his magnetic eyes absorbing every flinch of movement. "Gina Gi you nominated me to be some stupid class prefect, you know i stare at you,"
i smiled coyly, "sometimes i wonder what your looking for." I flicked my crisp white watch pretending to be distracted. I had my red chequered mini skirt on, and the black polo neck my mum had kept, a gift from her latest divorce. "I guess..." he glanced up at the grey white sky briefly,the scene looked like a painting i'd seen on one of those free art websites. His expression intense, seemed to match the afternoon sky, his navy blue denim jeans, with fitted matching sweater, were almost a click match. Blue was his nervous colour. Every presentation he'd stammered through on Shakespeare, or economics he'd advertised how amazing navy blue could look on an image of raw beauty. I crossed my fingers anxiously behind my back, he soldiered on,smacking his tongue against a plump mouth, worshiping shuffling suede shoes every 3 minutes. I was counting mentally.
" well," he began in a flat lecture monotone "Jennifer Layman asked me out this morning. She says i was too shy to talk so she did it, and erm," he cleared his throat, "some crap about me being intimidated and bull. Like erm.." he paused to pull threads of thought together. "Like one of those guys whose scared of women."
"In Laymans terms, i told Jen Layman, if i liked her enough i'd ask her out." I thought id quit biting my lips, but i could feel myself chomping them. "I think your pretty in that interesting way that not everybody likes,"

"Your basically saying i'm ugly." He shook his head adamnantly.
"I like the look of you. I'm not on any athletics team, or a zillionaire's son, i stare a lot," his gaze levelled and narrowed " and i think you like it." I scanned the growing audience ignoring helicopter whispers, and green eyed stared. "Get to know me? I'm not bad,er..will you go out with me?" he released in one full expulsion. It was like a drowning person expelling that belch of air and water. Moses Bright and the other players had clambered unto the b-ball court, spinning two red and white autographed balls as the coach bounded on screeching authourity through the high pitched shriek of a whistle. My heart leapt like a junior jumping skipping rope. I waved at my cousin kev, Mia's boyfriend that would be driving me home shortly. "Yeah Okay," i tossed cooly. "Where?"
"3 trips to the moon and back." He flashed a brilliant smile that made my whole body melt. "Yeah whatever, that pancake house right?" He shoved his hands in his pocket self consciously, "yeah."
"I like chocolate. I had a coffee pancake once." He quirked his brows in confusion. "Who does that?"
"Me i guess."


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