Fighting Fear: Top ten books to help combat fear + one more

Everybody gets nervous, anxious, scared, terrified. Yet for many problems there is a solution. To counter your fear with positive input, talk it down verbally to yourself. We often think were scared of the situation itself, yet it is often those feelings of unfamiliarity that lead to this paralyses of fear. We fear things that are good for us, bad for us, indifferent to us, fear stops people from moving forward. In life if you don't move forward, you simply get left behind.The world keeps on changing, evolving, time waits for no one, and if your stagnant your dead. Facing fear is like going into war, you need sturdy ammunition. Here are a list of the best books to serve as incredible ammunition,enabling you to fight hard and feel strong. Extraodinarily cheap prices and timeless information.


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