What is a panic attack?: Understanding Panic attacks

I was watching Analyze This / Analyze That [DVD]
With Robert Deniro, Billy Krystal and Lisa Kudrow yesterday. I've never heard a more perfect line summing up Panic attacks. Robert Deniro turns to the doctor and says, "Panic attacks? Doc i've had eight heart attacks," the doc shakes his head.
"Those are anxiety, or Panic attacks."
"My chest gets real tight, i cant breathe, i feel like i'm gonna die."
"Yes," the doc defends "those are panic attacks or anxiety attacks." It's a fear that appears like a bat out of hell. You think you're gonna die right that second, it's all over, caput. That is the power of a panic attack. You wonder what triggered it off, you freak out more, you're scared you'll collapse right this second, and nobody will be able to do anything. Panic attacks is a reaction to layers of hidden anxiety, and fear.

It could be a fear of change, drama in your work life, social life, or even relationship stress.Doctors will usually refer you to counsellors, or therapists, prescribe you anti depressants, or put you on a neuro linguistic programme. I used to dread those nasty panic attacks, because they often triggered off my epileptic seizures. Like most people dealing with this overwhelming panic, i felt scared, weak, and it made it that much worse when i had people around me outside of family, that would roll their eyes, kiss their teeth, make obnoxious sounds to make me feel uncomfortable.I once had someone look at me like i was a total drama queen, and a very selfish friend who actually resented that in the midst of a panic attack, she wasn't the centre of attention anymore. The key thing was to get me breathing again, call the ambulance if it turned into a seizure, or get me to a nurse. For once it wasn't about her getting her tits out.

Okay bitterness aside let me explain something to you clearly. You are not being dramatic, this is not your evil ploy to get attention, you are not being silly, you are not crazy, and you are not weak. Get help as soon as possible. Go to your gp, go to your doctor, get some library books out to understand what is happening to you. Speak to an advice line, this is your mental health. This is your life. Don't be ashamed, just try and deal with the root cause, and look for ways to positively counter it.

I was advised to run up and down the stairs to burn off some of that negative energy, Distract myself mentally with something, or even hold my breath to challenge the fear of running out of it. The last one i wouldn't advice, but go online, get some professional help and advice, see what works.Take up physical activities that put you in a better healthier state of mind. Such as sports, or even using a journal to document those anxieties your having, and where they came from. You can beat this thing. You really can. I listen to motivational speakers like Anthony Robbins on Ipod or Mp3, anyone to get me in that fighting spirit.Whatever you do don't read those random online articles where someone's saying they've been suffering with it for over twenty years. Positive mental attitude, and purchase some books here that will help you.


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