The Strangeness of Hello:an incoming Martian

Soooooo awkward.I just had the strangest moment. There's a girl on my street that always, always says good morning. I could be down and out, dressed up in rags, and have trainers with manure lined on them. People don't understand the relevance, and the simple importance of just saying "Good morning" or a simple "hello." She comes from one of those really loud brash families. They are the most popular family on my street, kids line up trying to impress their teenage son with wheelies and how loud they can swear. Anyway i awkwardly approached a family full of domineering men and how many sisters this morning, "urmm tell your sister i said good morning,she's always really polite to me." Huh? It was the strangest, weirdest, this chick could be psychotic moments.I got looks of irritation and....huh? Why was it so relevant,this one person had the class to say good morning?

There are times when we feel such emotional disconnect, such loneliness and depression. I felt as if i was nothing, worth less than nothing. From being this extremely popular girl, a trauma had led me to shut myself off from the whole world. I felt lonely, locked away, invisible, irrelevant. I felt exceedingly paranoid, and as though everybody was crossing the street or looking for ways to avoid me. I became convinced that people thought i was crazy. Usually i just ignore her, but i could tell she started thinking i was either rude, or extremely weird. As ridiculous as i looked this morning, i felt it was important for me to express some sort of appreciation. It's nice when people are nice, because i guarantee you their not nice all the time.


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