Shame dating and the invisibility cape

Nothing hurts more than shame dating. It's like someone's rejecting you but still having the audacity to grin in your face. Actually claiming all the emotional,social,even financial support they can from you; whilst you wither away like a dying plant in the corner of their life. It hurts when your partner wont hold your hand in public, kiss you in public, introduce you to their friends, keep their real life restricted. The worst thing about these shame daters, is the questions you ask yourself over again in private, am i not attractive enough, intelligent enough, if im strong enough not to care why the hell should they? Shame daters are people you usually out class 100 to none, with maturity, independance, courage, yet shame daters are always overly conscious people.

Their obsessively worried about how you look on their arm. Conflicted with questions of whose dating who in their social circle, and how they can outclass that persons trophy lifestyle. In the shame daters book of rules, you are not enough because deep down they are not enough. Whilst you sit, slink, or melt into your skin with humiliation, or watch their eyes absorb a passing visual of 'perfection'.

A barbie doll with no brain, or an adonis with no actual charisma. Just remember that you deserve better. Also remember that you can get better. When you show this person you outclass their vanity, you will be free, much happier, and scarily enough, so much more endearing. They will realise what they missed out on as is always the case, it will be too late. You are priceless. This has been pulled on me many a time. Guys who were threatened that i wasn't a version of pretty that could earn them a pat on the back, or the type of girl their friends would worship. I am my type of girl.Non conformist, complex, flamboyant, vulnerable, unique,real. People with such a shallow mindset always miss out on something special. Unless that person is a serial killer or has another terrifying background you should never let society dictate who you should love,like, or enjoy communicating with. Life is too short, you only live once.


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