R.I.P Amy Winehouse, your music will live on forever

Amy Winehouse died yesterday, and the ache of it resonates in all of us. The media love chiming on about her huuuuge drug problem, and her abominable relationship. Yet i think Amy Winehouse really died of a broken heart.

I think she found escapism in 'he that shall not be named' and she had so much love to give, and so much to purge. Amy you were an amazing musician, may your soul rest, with ease, and in peace. You have been summoned to the bosom of the love you crave.
It's funny because many people believe she had everything, fame, money, grand success. Yet there was a big piece missing like a huge jigsaw. When something is missing unless you find it or a way to compensate for it, it's still gone. It's like someone giving you a huge bowl of ice cream, yet there's no ice cream, all there is is a cherry on top, a silver spoon to eat the invisible ice cream, and a bowl. You tell everybody else you have ice cream, and it just sounds so fantastic.Amy just wasn't happy,different people use different methods to deal with that, yet sadly her route was drugs, and a relationship that would lead to her all time destruction. Ironically Amy Winehouse being 'such a mess' as the media condemns, is what made such amazing music in the first place. It was her soul, her pain,being shared through music.

I remember watching a bronx tale, and Robert Deniro kept repeating the line, there's nothing worse than wasted talent. Amy Winehouse, may your soul rest peacefully. May that emotional conflict you struggled with , be peacefully removed. R.I.P may your music legacy live on.


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