Jennifer Lopez is divorcing Marc Anthony? Geeze J Lo. who won't you divorce

Sad to say i'm not a J LO groupie but she's turning herself into Jordan marrying and divorcing left to right. Seriously,i'm starting to wonder wether the institution of marriage for celebrity's is just a charade to acquire more publicity. I do believe that the press and those pap hounds (Papparazi) add pressure to their relationships, and there is a struggle to protect their private selves.

Yet i can't help but logicalise that whilst most normal people go through a divorce, there's the depression, the sharing of assets, the shopping, and the hide and seek. Celebrities go through divorces, get made over, have magazine deals ready, new contacts and ad campaigns in place. I won't dare say it's unfair because they worked hard for all of this. Yet there are celebrities who make millions primarily from making up and breaking up alone. That's how they stay in the papers, keep the buzz going, and generate the millions. Marc Anthony seems kinda hot, seriously J Lo....what's wrong with this one?


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