Jared Leto, Claire Danes: My so called life (1994-1995) series

I have reacquainted myself with re watching old addictions. Tv Shows that at the time you're hooked on,and when you flip that switch your hooked again. My so called Life, starring Jared leto, and Claire Danes, is an insightful look at a Teenage girls life as she evolves, builds new friendships, ponders after her crush (Jared Leto) Jordan Cadalano, and reinvents herself.

Claire Danes character Angela Chase, is sensitive, vulnerable, intriguing and completely enchanting.If i was back in high School, i definitely would have wanted to sit next to her. She yearns for adventure,and escapism. She finds this in her new friend Rayanne who is completely insane, unconventional, fun, and always cutting class.Has hot gossip, and the ability to show up in all the wrong places. Along with Rayanne comes her sidekick,Ricki, whose a bisexual teen guy that wears heavy black eye liner, and practically lives in the girls toilets.

In her quest for something more, Angela parts with her old bestfriend, steps outside the boundaries of her mother and fathers semi conventional rules of livng, and begins to explore her romantic feelings for the complex,handsome Jordan Cadalano(Jared Leto). My so called life is definitely one to watch. Full of intricate Characterisation, depth, and Romance. This is a series for the summer.


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