How to use effective search Engine optimisation: The fun way

If many of you are like me and draw a blank when the sci fi techno words come in. I would describe Search Engine optimisation as the high school attempt at popularity. If we are trying to keep it simple of course. Your attempt at high school popularity was a myriad of social networking, base introductions, learning about what people your interested in are interested in themselves, creating alliances, and basically giving the hard sell. Everything in life is about marketing. Selling your skills, promoting who you are, and making it clear to others why they should be picking you. Search engine Optimisation is about getting noticed.

Point A. If you got all glammed up to get the attention of your crush, and you kept attending all the places you were guaranteed to not see them. What would be the outcome? most of the time, the outcome would be ineffective. You'd want to dress up, look amazing, show up at all the hot spots you know they'd be, and find opportunities to get an introduction. Your audience is your crush. Like any individual that's smitten, you want them to know who you are and what you have to offer. Think of the What's in it for me scenario? Why should they be interested in you over the other 100, or millions of people that draw their attention?

The chat up line: Chat up lines are effective when used the right way. Key terminology,or lingo to get your subjects interested in you. I recently met a guy who was talking to me about what he thought was just his seduction technique, to me it sounded like marketing. "You tell people what they want to know, give them the info they want," He paused and smiled, "i tell people what they want to hear. Your not exactly gonna tell a girl you approach that you think she's but ugly, can you sleep with her?" I burst out laughing, and we even did a really funny sketch about this.

Do your research and find out what's trending: For example you don't watch the weather find out it's sunny, and show up in a snowsuit. What are your target audience interested in? What are the

most popular articles read in your area of expertise, books related to them, Websites you can visit and swap links with? What P.R sites and directory's can you market some key information in? Is there info about corses, events, people networks and products you have access to that they may not? Do you know specialist websites that can be of use? ask the right questions to get the right answers. Tight, clean question. Which means producing a list of key questions and key objectives.

Have a theme so the search engine knows exactly where to place you. For example no one shows up at a ballroom party dressed up for halloween, if that isn't the theme.

Remember human beings are emotional creatures. What emotion will your site or the products on it produce? Adventure, escapism, confidence boosts. Why did you pick this topic? What about it appealed to you emotionally? For example i produced a photography campaign that recieved a response of over 300 models and 200 plus makeup artists. Why did they respond? I tapped into their feeling of frustration for their industry, and their need for validation. From doing my research and spending time with a few models i knew that many of them were fed up of being passed over whilst women they considered to be more than average, or ridiculously connected were thrown into the industry.

Do you have a unique selling point? If your frustrated that you don't, just remember there is nothing new under the sun, and there are trigger words that always make people click in. Info on Sales, hot places to visit, reviews, questions and answers, trendy products, or unique products.

List yourself on the popular directories, infact on as many directories as you feel will get the publicity you need. Use key search words to attract audiences. Words that you use to repetitively advertise or promote yourself on google.

Get excited and blog or promote if not everyday, every weekend.It's like that party your organising if you tell no one, no one will show up. So you need to create that buzz, heighten that excitement, let audiences seek out that adventure, or advice their looking for, and will find in you. Remember, you have what their looking for, you just need to direct them to where you are.



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