From poverty to wealth empowerment

Poverty is a state of mind,yet who really wants to live there? Who enjoys being broke as a joke,and smiling whilst others say politely, "how's things going with you," and of course lying through each singular gap in your teeth. If money could talk, and she had a personality sometimes i wonder if she'd be showy, humble, or just plain smug. To the millionaire and billionairesses money works for them, and how do they do this, with effective ideas which draw capital.

Have you noticed that the less money you have the more the universe tries to screw with you. Sending you bills, and popping up with new system errors and threats about money you're 'supposed to owe.' For goodness sake, let us have a break once in a while, allow us to conjure up positive energy,enough to atleast get us through the day. People internationally if you have a product you want to purchase, buy it here at Redebony. Or maybe someone wants to pledge a million pounds.That would be awesome


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