Someone once complained to me about another person's exaggerated need for expression. "Why do they need to tell everybody all their business?" I can equate this to one word.Communication. Social networks are ablaze because people have a hunger to express themselves freely as oneself or show the complexities of their personal life. They have a need to share their pain, their journey, their laughter, their experience. We are human beings not robots.

Out there in the 'real' world, many people wear masks. They have a public self and a private self. Some people believe this has saved them. Yet i know that at times it creates a disconnect. When i entered new scenario's there was always this fear, this need to be an over achiever.To excel.Partly because i struggled with epilepsy, panic attacks, it was ridiculous all the goodies that came with dealing with epilepsy at one point.Yet i still felt this hunger to reach out and connect with the world. An attack by a friend two years ago, left me traumatised. I used to be extremely popular. I could stop and talk to anyone, about anything under the sun, my ideas were infinite. For products, for campaigns, ways to make money, ways to promote a project. I believed i was infinite and was deeply connected to the universe. I've always believed in change and positive growth. Men have walked the moon, people have been healed of illness, babies at deaths door have burped and laughed again.Why do people talk? why do they tell the whole world such personal details about who they are; their dreams, their passions their experiences.Simple because we want to be understood, therefore we seek to understand.Other times we talk just to keep the faith and the hope seeds alive.We talk to convince those that are doubtful, to share feelings that have been marinating... because if we didn't talk,without the use of language sign language included...certain things would consistently evade us.Potentially solid relationships have fallen appart at the helm because of lack of communication.Whilst the mouth yearns to talk, the soul yearns to be expressed. There are different levels of talk, because there are different levels of communication. Through our words and actions we express so many things, including a deep vulnerability.People who don't talk, always have this need to be heard. Often times they lash out because the mind, body and soul collective is in conflict.


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