The courage to fail/courage and photosynthesis

We have to fail in order to succeed. Nobody tells you that much. You hear about Jack or Jill who became the laughing stock of their old working place or school environment. You think to yourself, “damn I don’t wanna go out like Jack, that shit’s embarrassing.”  You pause to glance at the person beside you, “Jesus christ” they dutifully supply “ Man that shit’s embarrassing. Did you hear what Mccormax said about him…Ouch?” Yeah you think…..If only he’d been smart enough to keep his head down and his mouth shut. 
 But Jacks is trying, and Jack will continue to try until he makes  £5 or 5 million pounds. I will guarantee you that whilst you are in the process of trying to make a difference, there will be people out there wondering what the hell your tryna accomplish. Why are you wasting your time? Are you crazy? This is a joke right? They check your pupils “are you high? If you have a drug problem we know someone that can help you.” 

 Some might even give you that look. I call it the, ‘your so desperate not to be a looser’ look. The pressing of the lips and the bobbing of the head which includes the statement; “uuuhm that sounds nice”.  It takes courage to move  from sheep, and walk as giants. Non conformity comes at a price, it’s called judgement. There is no standing ovation yet. We put on our robes, tie up our boxing gloves, and if we have enough bottle fight tooth and nail for a dream you’ve ate, slept and dribbled. Success is not a perfect package. The sanded down, shaped, airbrushed experience of trial and error. We want the trial but resent the error. We want the glory but not the sacrifice that comes with realising a dream. After all it’s one thing to talk about it, but to actually proceed. Independence reveals things, things we chose to ignore but may be a problem. You may discover selfish unsupportive friends, someone whose sudden over competitiveness is not amusing anymore but destructive. You may begin to question everything about this decision or choice till now. All these mistakes, these choices, were they worth it? Failure is not objective it hurts.  Success is not safe, it’s risky. Passion like many things in life has its side effects. If we learn from our failures ultimately we will succeed. The greatest men and women in history failed over, and over, and over, and over again, till eventually they actually succeeded. Faith +ambition+ courage+ determination+ passion+ will+drive+Failure+discovery+consistency = this is the photosynthesis equation of achievement.



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