Why do some women like the guys they hate?

I'm wondering if it's a chick thing, you have different, beautiful, warm, kind hearted men lined up like library books and you end up falling for a guy you completely hate? I've decided romance, or the ideals of it seem to dive out of the window with age. I would love to say it's a self esteem thing, as that sounds brilliant on paper, but is it. Or are some women chronically attached to not bad boys...but guys that are bad for them. I personally have never been attracted to a physically abusive guy, i've come across a few emotionally abusive, or unavailable guys and i dodge them like a bullet in a superhero flick. So what the hell makes some women consumed by guys who in a maths equation would never add up? Although i think it happens with men too, the more emotionally unavailable a woman becomes, the more they want her. Baffling, truly baffling.


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