It takes a lot of strength to support someone, or be happy for them when emotionally your feeling like shit. Today i was a testament to myself, and was proud that i could personally erase a negative action with a positive one. Someone i know has achieved something very positive that she deserves. She went through the depression, struggling to find work and now she's going from strength to strength, but i inturn will also go from strength to strength i have 100% faith and belief in that. Things have been quite colourful and quite flamboyant for me recently, but my strength and courage continues to resurrect itself day by day. I could have been nasty, vindictive, viciously jealous this time, but i wasn't. I could have been resentful, but i wasn't. Bullies are often going through awful times themselves. The thing about pain, is that it makes us act out. A lot of the time people are in pain but they don't even know it. It's a form of emotional numbness, we believe so long as were taking action, prooving to the world that were functioning, showing how well we fit in, smiling we are happy. A smile is a polaroid collection of teeth. If your not feeling it at the heart, at the core of you. If your eyes aren't lit, and that euphoria isn't there, your not exactly smiling, your exercising your lips. Bullies often exercise their facial muscles. There are many things going on behind the facade, struggles that even they don't want to indulge. If they face it it's real, they've been coping...coping....coping...coping. Hoping aint coping. Celebrate someone's achievement, celebrate yourself, because as  predictable as it sounds....your time is coming.


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