I met someone recently who spent our whole conversation shitting all over everybody's life. I knew things about people who weren't even there to defend themselves, maybe it hurt because i had never recognised this side to that person. I guess i was shielded by my own self glorification and gratitude that there are people out there who think how i think, have similar beliefs that i do, are passionate about the same things i believe in. The world seems kind of plastic sometimes. Maybe this person was feeling vulnerable, or in deep pain, but listening to them prick holes in other people's lives, putting themself on such a glorified pedastal, i felt uncomfortable as if i was a balloon and they would prick a hole through me. It wasn't simply the fact they were putting other people down, they were putting down other people's life styles and the choices they made. A choice can be a scary thing. Sometimes we know our choices will cause Earth quakes or move us out of golden light, what hurts more is someone post-card posing when our vulnerabilities are bare. I sat there thinking, wow, this is a side.


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